Here's a summary of the items ISO considers when reviewing a community's training for firefighters.

  • Facilities and aids
    • Drill tower
    • Fire building (including smoke room)
    • Combustible-liquid pit
      (In areas where federal, state, or local officials prohibit the use of combustible-liquid pits, credit may be available for a video depicting extinguishment of flammable-liquid fires. )
    • Library and training manuals
    • Slide or overhead projectors
    • Movie projector or VCR
    • Pump cutaway
    • Hydrant cutaway
  • Use
    • Half-day (3-hour) drills, 8 per year
    • Half-day (3-hour) multiple-company drills, 4 per year
    • Night drills (3-hour), 2 per year
      Note: ISO may credit a single-company drill under the first and last of these items; ISO may credit multiple-company drills under all three.
  • Company training
    Company training at fire stations, 20 hours per member per month
  • Classes for officers
    2 days (6 hours each) per year for all officers
  • Driver and operator training
    4 half-day (3-hour) sessions per year
  • New-driver and operator training
    Classes for new drivers and operators, 40 hours
  • Training on radioactivity or hazardous materials
    1 half-day (3-hour) session per member per year
  • Recruit training
    240 hours per recruit
  • Prefire planning inspections
    The community should run a prefire planning inspection of each commercial, industrial, institutional, and other similar structure twice a year for maximum credit in the FSRS. Records of the inspections should include complete and up-to-date notes and sketches.
  • Records
    If the community's records are incomplete, ISO will reduce the total points credited for training by up to 20 points each for Items A through H.

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